Antur Y Gorllewin

Welsh Naturalist Iolo Williams voyages along the western fringes of Europe in search of elusive wildlife and unique habitats. A journey that starts underwater along the mid-Atlantic Ridge with schooling Mobula Rays, Sharks and Sperm Whales, and stretches as far North as the Faroe Islands and the glaciers of Iceland.

Iolo tracks down the world’s most endangered feline, the Iberian Lynx, witnesses Great Bustards courting and travels deep underground in one of the largest karst landscapes in Europe. From the plains of Portugal to the slopes of the Pyrenees, the top of the largest sand dune in Europe to the outer islands of Scotland, Antur Y Gorllewin is a visually stunning look at the wild and beautiful places shaped by the almighty Atlantic Ocean and the animals that inhabit it.


  • Presented by Iolo Williams
  • Produced & directed by John Gwyn & John Trefor
  • Photography Steve Phillipps
  • Underground Photography Gavin Newman
  • Edited by Jane Murrell
  • Format: 6 x 60, HD
  • Produced by Aden for S4C