Natur Cymru

This is a visually stunning series about the wildlife of Wales presented by Welsh naturalist Iolo Williams. Shot over a year it contains landscapes and wildlife from all over the country, celebrating the variety of both that are contained in this small country. The series looks at six different habitat types including watery habitats, lowland landscapes, the rugged coastline, the wild uplands, the beautiful woodlands and those created by humans. The episodes include some special wildlife shot in equally stunning scenery including rutting wild goats, huge nests of wood ants, choughs nesting in an old mine shaft and the bizarre looking lamprey spawning in the river Wye. This is truly a celebration of Welsh wildlife in all its glory.


  • Presented by Iolo Williams
  • Produced & directed by John Gwyn
  • Photography Steve Phillipps
  • Edited by Aled Hopkins & Owain Llwyd
  • Researcher Emma Walker
  • Format: 6 x 60, HD
  • Language: Welsh
  • Produced by Aden for S4C