Natur Gudd Cymru

Welsh naturalist Iolo Williams is on the hunt for some of the more unusual animals living in Wales. Some of them have only recently returned to Wales after a lengthy absence. Others are common animals but behave unusually. Some are mysterious and only come out at night. This series sees Iolo exploring all over Wales, using remote camera traps and meeting with local people with information to share.

His search takes him to some stunning landscapes as he tries to track down a lonely golden eagle; a species that hasn’t been present in Wales for several centuries, illusive night time creatures such as polecats, newly established species such as wild boar and a species that is slowly returning to Wales from over the English border, roe deer. He also seeks out special and unusual behaviours including otters skinning toads and great grey shrikes creating food larders.


  • Presented by Iolo Williams
  • Produced, directed and filmed by John Gwyn
  • Wildlife photography Graham Horder
  • Edited by Jane Murrell
  • Researcher Osian Griffiths
  • Format 6 x 30 HD
  • Language: Welsh
  • Produced by Aden for S4C